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Modern grill design steeped in history


Inspired by asador restaurants in the Cantabrian mountains,
we have created Savage Grills.

A contemporary designed wood and charcoal fired grill which brings theatre and spectacle to a pragmatic outdoor BBQ. The grill allows total control of heat exposure using a steam punk mechanical assembly to raise the grill and food you are cooking, away from the intense heat in the firebox below.

Every Savage Grills is hand built to order and is unique to every owner.  Included in the price is a half day cooking workshop and demonstration of the grill in action including menu design (exclusive of
ingredients) concluding with a dinner party for 8 people

with food cooked on your new grill.


El Balcon Asador - Potes, Picos de Europa

made in the cotswolds

Handmade to order

Every Savage Grill is hand built to order and uniquely numbered. Large version measures 1.1metres wide (grill) and 61cm front to back. It stands 2.15 metres tall. The domestic version grill is 75cm wide and 45cm in depth. (measurement vary). Grill winch can be positioned on either side of grill. The grill is made from cold steel so will need covering in wet weather. Waterproof cover currently being developed - watch this space!


The Savage Grills workshop in the Cotswolds

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